It’s not every day that someone decides to have a custom kitchen, bath or specialty room built. We know that many times a renovation project is an unfamiliar experience for many of our clients and we’d like to share with you what you can expect from partnering with Woodville House.

From the moment you call us at 412.276.5650 or visit our design center you will team up with a 30+ year industry veteran. You’ll collaborate to co-design the kitchen or bath of your dreams, choosing the right materials for your budget, up to the final install and final walk-through.

Your Woodville House design partner professional will lead you every step of the way throughout your renovation and serve as your project manager.  You won’t be left alone to deal with all of the different people working on your project. We stay with you every step of the way.

Here’s how Woodville House guarantees your 100% satisfaction.

Our Woodville House team of custom design kitchen and bath experts, follow a specifically designed, 12-step process for your renovation. Our 12-step process ensures that you stay informed and at peace as we deliver your dream project per your specifications on time and on budget.

This process helps you to understand the various stages of your renovation every step of the way. And, this process helps our design team represent your best interests to our partner contractors, installers, plumbers and electricians throughout your renovation.

Our “Countdown to-Go” 12-step process includes:

  1. Discovery Stage 1 – Stop in our showroom, or schedule an appointment with us by contacting one of our 30+ year design professionals at 412.276.5650 or email us to briefly brainstorm your needs, wants, desires and dreams for the space you want renovated.
  2. Discovery Stage 2 – At this stage, you’ll visit our showroom and discuss your ideas and needs with one of our design professionals who will show you the many options available to you in cabinets, countertops, flooring and fixtures and their relative cost levels.  If you have the approximate dimensions of the space you want to renovate, our designer can do a rough layout of the room at this point and begin to focus in on the design options you have as they relate to your desires and budget.  Also you will let us know if you wish for us to provide a qualified renovation contractor or if you have your own.  Either way is fine with us.
  3. Planning Stage 1 – Following the initial meeting, our design professional will visit your home, take dimensions and note existing conditions in order to produce a detailed floor plan and create an estimate for you to consider.  If we are providing installation services, our contractor will also be included in the site visit.
  4. Planning Stage 2 – After creation of the floor plans and estimate, we will require one final meeting with you to review the plans and 3-D renderings of your new space. Scheduling of the work will also be discussed.
  5. Agreement Stage –  Upon your approval and signing off on the final plans and estimate, you provide a deposit and we get moving on your project!
  6. Ordering and Planning Stage – Our design professional will complete all material orders, work orders and schedules. and provide you with an approximate date of commencement of work in your home.  
  7. Pre-Construction Stage 1 – 2 weeks prior to your job start, you receive a pre-construction call and email with a start date.
  8. Pre-Construction Stage 2 – 2-5 days prior to your job start, our design professional and contractor (if applicable) will contact you to confirm the start date and make sure that you understand what will be happening in your home during the renovation.  Please realize that it is unavoidable that while the work is going on, your daily routines at home will be disrupted to some extent.  However, our installers have many years of experience in performing projects such as yours and are very sensitive to your needs.  They will try to minimize the time in your house and inconvenience you as little as possible.  
  9. Construction Stage – Your renovation project is now under construction. Our design professional will visit your job as needed, keep you informed as to what is going on and be available to you at your convenience.
  10. Completion Stage – Installation work is completed, and our design professional will visit to inspect the final installation and make sure that your project is completed to your and our satisfaction.
  11. Post-Completion Stage – Within a month of completion, you will receive follow up communication from us, to make sure that you are still happy with the products and installation and to help us with any suggestions to make our service to our customers better.  You also are sent information about our Customer Referral Program in which you can earn cash rewards for bringing new customers to us!
  12. 100% Happiness Stage – You are now living in a more peaceful Zen-like fashion enjoying the kitchen or bath of your dreams!

Our 12-step process helps to make your renovation as complete, quick and easy as possible.

And, it helps us to deliver your dream space on time and on budget in a steady, coordinated, calm and professional fashion.

For more information, please call us today at 412.276.5650 or email our Sales Manager Laura Reid Riggin.